Rescue Hovercraft

A Rescue Hovercraft that speeds up your time to get into the water.
Speed is of essence in a rescue situation and getting the Hov Pod Hovercraft quickly to the scene could not be easier. You can simply disconnect the hovercraft from the trailer and fly off when you reach your destination. As the Hov Pod flies over any surface you do not need to worry about tides or finding a prepared surface to work from.

Hov Pod Hovercraft offer Simple Controls and move Fast!
The simple throttle and steer controls and construction from the very latest in materials give you piece of mind to get on with the job. It is available as a 52HP or 65 HP variant with a top speed of approx. 40mph and incorporates 65 separate skirt segments for maximum safety of operation in remote areas.

A Rescue Hovercraft that operates easily in critical environmental areas.
For operation in critical environmental areas you will find that the Hov Pod is the ideal craft because it creates little or no wake and flies completely clear of the surface with no exhaust or propeller in the water.

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