Hov Pod Characteristics

Hovercraft Construction From 2008.
All Hov Pod hovercraft will be constructed from High Density PE, same material as used for F1 race crash barriers. The Hov Pod SPX offers unique properties; the material is far stronger than glass fibre, and is very buoyant.

This hovercraft is very easy to tow.
Rescue organisations have told us that large commercial hovercraft have required very expensive transporters and police escorts to get to emergency situations along narrow roads! Needless to say, emergency rescue situations require fast response. The Hov Pod SPX trailer allows the hovercraft to be loaded by one man in under 2 minutes.

A Hovercraft that's fit for purpose.
In the past, hovercraft design has been either focused on cost savings through the self-build kit approach, designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts or at the other end of the scale, too big, too expensive. Our design approach has been to take a 20th century invention, to create a 21st century vehicle to allow the operator to fly/glide over water and land, through areas that have been no-go zones for conventional craft. Very easy to use, similar to motorbike controls.

A Hovercraft that's easy to maintain.
Routine maintenance to the Hov Pod is very simple.
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