The Hov Pod was first introduced in 2002.

We designed the Hov Pod to be durable, safe, and suitable for the marine environment. Our product design has proven to be very successful, we now export over 85% of our products through our growing network of dealers. In 2008 we introduced the unique SPX model, manufactured from High Density Polyethylene. This material is lightweight yet very strong and exceptionally buoyant.

Hov Pods are used for leisure, rescue, patrol and commercial applications - we believe we sell more small leisure hovercraft than any other manufacturer, due to our unique design and capacity to manufacture hulls faster than any other supplier.


Until now, hovercraft have tended to be backyard vehicles or supplied in kit form, designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Our design approach has been to take a 20th century invention, and create a 21st century vehicle, designed for the demands of the marine leisure market.

For the combination of excitement, ease of use, manufacturing quality, passenger carrying capacity, safety, durability, handling, comfort and serviceability, Hov Pod is the best small hovercraft on the market offering great value for money.

When we introduced Hov Pod to the leisure market, we realised that consumers would compare our product to other marine products available and may ask themselves why they should choose our product over another. This document will help our customers understand our design philosophy and will explain why Hov Pod should be chosen.

The aim of this document is to outline Hov Pod’s superior qualities and explain why the Hov Pod should be chosen over other marine products that are available.

Components: To ensure the highest levels of quality, we have selected components manufactured by long established companies. This ensures that the latest manufacturing techniques and quality standards are adhered to in the component production and design.

Hull Manufacture: The manufacture of the hull is sub-contracted to experts in GRP and composite boat manufacture. Their 25+ years experience in boat manufacture ensure that the Hov Pod hull construction is manufactured to the very highest standards required for marine usage. The hull manufacture takes place in a temperature controlled environment using logged batch Scott Bader materials.

Assembly: Assembly of the Hov Pod takes place in using a controlled, repeatable process production line system. Quality control is built into every stage of production. Our objective, through attention to detail, is complete customer satisfaction; and we achieve this by adhering to our company wide ethos to create world class products that every member of our company can be proud of.

Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to quality at every stage of the Hov Pod design and production ensures that customers do not experience long-term problems such as improper curing, softness, poor mechanical properties, shrinkage, and discoloration. Manufacture of any glass fibre object other than by experts, or in a fast uncontrolled manner can lead to poor fibre/resin ratio leading to poor impact strength, soft spots, cracks, and easy surface chipping. Long-term problems with poor GRP construction can include de-lamination that can lead to severe weakening of the moulding. Other problems that can occur over time include surface bubbling and blisters, crazing, cracks, hard points, voids and a general poor finish. Time and energy invested at the design and manufacturing stage ensure that the Hov Pod is built to last and give our customers complete satisfaction.
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